Valores de medición Vanuatu

  • weather condition
weather condition

What can be seen?

weather condition
If possible, we calculate from the measurements of the weather stations a weather symbol, which shows the current weather condition.
The air temperature is measured at a height of 2 metres above the ground. The temperature sensor is protected from sunlight and some are also ventilated in order to measure the most accurate values possible without heat radiation. We calculate the minimum and maximum air temperature over the whole day.
air pressure
The air pressure is reduced to sea level so that the values of the stations at different altitudes are comparable. Regions with low air pressure usually get changeable weather with wind, rain or snow. In regions with high air pressure, dry weather and sunshine usually dominate. The average air pressure is 1013.25 hPa.
The humidity shows how much gaseous water is in the air, relative to the maximum possible water vapor content (depending on the air temperature), i.e. the value at which the air reaches the saturation point. At 100% humidity, the air is saturated, dew, fog or clouds form.
dew point
The dew point is the temperature to which the air can cool down to reach 100% humidity. When the dew point is reached, fog or clouds form.
We accumulate the measured duration of sunshine over different periods of time.
This measurement shows the amount of precipitation that has fallen. It can be rain, sleet, snow, graupel or hail. Precipitation in solid form (e.g. snow) is indicated here in melted form in millim